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    @dssuarez Hi, sorry for the late reply, national holidays here in China.

    you can try to update the library as we added a new version using upip after u connect the device to the wifi or you could perhaps try the pre-made firmware for the MQTT that we've included in our repository.

    The link for the firmware is HERE.

    inside the umqttsimple you can configure your broker,port and IP address and inside the Eduponics app you can do the same (please note the mobile app doesn't support username/password on the broker yet)

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    @stevie said in Basic MQTT client:

    @steminds Eduponics Mobile App responses / ref doc. Reference doc attached with info when trying to get the Mobile App working with the Mini.!Mobile app response pg 1.jpg
    Mobile app response pg 2.jpg

    Hi Stevie, thanks for the super detailed explanation. I went to line 100 and it does seem like the esp32 is failing to connect to eclipse, can be a network issue (firewall? proxy?) or server issue. could you please try to change the MQTT server on the file to another service such as:

    No need to change the app first, see if it connects. if it connects, then you can try to modify the app settings to the exact full string with the port and see if it works.

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  • RE: Basic MQTT client

    @stevie said in Basic MQTT client:

    @stevie Decided to skip the basic MQTT client exercise and move on to the mobile app. Connected all hardware. Edited GitHub file with my UUID and saved to the Mini. Installed the Eduponics app. Mini is powered by +12V only. The red LED is on. No USB connection. Opened the app, entered my UUID with success. Awesome! Successfully connected. Tapped the Controls tab. NO data! Reset the Mini. Stopped, started the app, connected. Same result, no data. Any suggestions?

    Hi @Stevie

    1. it shouldn't be "xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"/living_room/light instead you should put the quotes at the beginning and the end like this: "xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/living_room/light"

    2. the client itself located inside the Eduponics library, it's embedded in the eduponics-micropython library, you can find it here:

    3. where does it return? could you take a screenshot?

    4. could you upload a screenshot from your Eduponics mobile app settings page? have you installed the files manually or you flashed the firmware of the MQTT-app directly into the eduponics mini ESP32 board? what version is your mobile app at?

    Have you properly configured to connect to your 2.4Ghz WiFi access point?

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  • RE: Basic MQTT client

    @stevie said in Basic MQTT client:

    Read read docs and understand both and need to run on the mini. is the basic MQTT client code from the docs. On reset, WiFi connects but doesn't run. Traceback indicates an unexpected indentation error.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 1
    IndentationError: unexpected indent
    Any ideas?

    Hi Steve,
    unexpected indent probably means you copied the code wrong (caused the wrong indent), we also offer a custom MQTT-ready firmware on GitHub, make sure to follow the MQTT lesson on the wiki if you have any more issues feel free to contact so we could support you directly :)

    It would be helpful if you could attach here or on the code of so I could see what's the issue?

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  • STEMinds website under construction

    Hi Folks!

    as you might have noticed, our website is not ready yet but we do work hard to make it live within the next couple of days (a week at most)

    We had customers asking if we'll be able to ship to EU soon, we definitely will. Our Eduponics products are RoHS compliant and we will issue CE certificate when launching our products on-site so our EU friends will be able to purchase the products and enjoy them safely and happily!

    Meanwhile, don't forget our website has the following resources:

    If you have any suggestions, requirements, improvements - please do let us know! we hope to keep serving the community and grow together.

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  • Welcome to the Forum!

    Welcome to STEMinds forum!

    Currently nothing much going out here but we'll make sure to keep the forum and the content updated very soon, stay tuned!

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